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"I just wanted to take a moment out to say thank you so much again for putting together the Broadway Stage Management Symposium.  Attending has produced so many amazing opportunities for me and really furthered my career.  I have used other attendees as subs, was fortunate enough to work with Bonnie Panson on the Pirates concert at NYCC, and just returned home from shadowing one of Ron's team at The Lion King.   I'm sure this will not be the end of the list but I wanted to say thank you for everything.  I am forever in your debt."

Louisa Pough, Larchmont, NY - attendee 

"Thank you so much for organizing this amazing weekend.  I have learned so much and am so excited to get back into a theatre and work...  I plan on returning to the Symmposium next year!"
Abigail Rowe, Warwick, NY - attendee 
"I really feel it was one of the best opportunities for stage managers that I have seen.  Something really special happened in that room..."
Matt J. Bur, Broadway Spotted
"Thank you so much, once again, for an incredibly enlightening weekend... It was amazing to see how open you all were to sharing your process..."
Imani Champion, Broadway Spotted contest winner - attendee 
"A heartfelt thank you for creating this insightful forum.  The past two days were truly packed with invaluable information and wondeful laughs..."
Richard Leigh Nilson, Astoria, NY - attendee 
"All the information was very relevant and a thrill to be able to get so much time with Broadway's PSMs.  Thank you again for organizing this event.  [It] was a huge success.  I only wish you started this many, many years ago so I could attend when I was younger."
Adam Kendrick, Hopewell, VA - attendee 

"I wanted to tell you again how wonderful I thought the symposium was! [we] truly enjoyed ourselves!! It's always great to be in a room full of Vulcans!!!   Kudos to you and your team for putting together such a successful event. I look forward to future symposiums!"

Brad Cassil, Head of Stage Management, Division of Theatre, Southern Methodist University


"I just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful weekend. I cannot tell you enough how happy I am that I went and it was a wonderful opportunity to make new friends, network and most importantly, learn and grow as a stage manager… Thanks again for everything!"

Heather Ber, Manalapan, NJ - attendee 


"I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for putting on this whole shebang; it was such amazing experience to learn from some of the top SMs working in the business today, including yourself!

Thank you so much again, it was wonderful to meet you and I hope to see you again soon."

Louisa Pough, Larchmont, NY - attendee 


"I'm so impressed that you got all that together.  That you got all of us together.  I know I was there for just the start of what will be a long, wonderful weekend for you and all involved.  But congrats.

An important event has happened here.  Pleased that I could be a little part of it."

Bonnie Panson - speaker, Broadway PSM

"I'm finally getting a moment to reflect on this super positive past weekend and I'm truly beyond thankful.
Thank you to all of the Stage Managers who took time out of their busy 8 show week to share their stories, knowledge, and love. And a huge thank you for nurturing future generations of stage managers. Your consideration for others is admirable and your humbleness is infectious.  I walked away with new bonds, confidence, awareness of myself, and a community; it's really all beautiful. I highly recommend aspiring/current stage managers to check out the "Broadway Stage Management Symposium" for an awakening experience.  It was an honor to be in the same room with others whom make it their priority to create magic for a living."

Aldora Neal, New York, NY - attendee

"I just want you to know that this weekend was amazing, I learned so much. It would have to be the best money I ever spent. Thank you for all your time and energy put into creating this spectacular event. It renewed my confidence in this crazy dream so thank you."

Jackie Mercer, Carteret, NJ - attendee 


"Thank you so much for all of your work on the Symposium.  It was so wonderful, informative and reaffirming that this is where I want to be!  Truly great work and I look forward to next year's!" Alexis Prussack, Staten Island, NY - attendee 

"Thank you so much for hosting the Broadway Stage Manager Symposium this weekend. It was an incredible opportunity to get a chance to meet and listen to professional stage managers like yourself. I learned so much and I couldn't be more grateful.  It really meant a lot that all of you took time out of your very busy schedules to talk to people like me who are just starting off."
It was great to see you again,
Lauren Jackson, Syracuse, NY - attendee


"Thank you for this opportunity and for the huge weekend we've spent! Congratulations for the organization!  Amazing event."

Maria Eugenia Ceccotti, Argentina - attendee

"Thank you for an incredible, motivating, and inspirational weekend."

Hope Levine, New York, NY - attendee

"I must say how wonderful the Symposium was. I am a full time student and I would encourage anyone in the business of Theatre to attend this Symposium. From the bottom of my heart I truly felt and believe that what you have started has and will change the lives of anyone who participates, but especially the young and unknowing Stage Managers such as myself. Where I am from there is no knowledge like the knowledge I gained in these past two days. Honestly, I need to thank you and any and everyone who has put in time, thought, and effort into making this symposium possible. You have all done an incredible thing for all of us."

Mary Swick, Chicago, IL - attendee

"The Symposium was everything I hoped it would be and more."

Victoria Noe - attendee

"The Symposium not only helped me feel more confident and ready to take the next step in my career, but also provided contacts and friendships that are sometimes hard to find when initially joining the SM world in NYC. Transitioning into Equity and working on the SM team of such a large show (Love Never Dies) came with an ease that I can only guess would not have been quite so without the Symposium."

Lauren Cavenaugh, Queens, NY - attendee

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