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Saturday, May 18 - Sunday, May 19
10:00 am - 6:00 pm

**All times Eastern/NYC
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Sunday Schedule 2024 v4.jpg
** All times EST
**Schedule subject to change.


Authenticity in Stage Management: Jereme Kyle Lewis has been ASM'ing on Broadway for years and with I Need That made his  Broadway PSM debut. Madison DeCokse has worked on huge productions like Wicked and Harry Potter.... While classmates, both made a commitment to maintain their unique sense of self. Their work and process are a shining beacon to how we can be true to ourselves and create a successful career. I'm so excited to let Jereme and Madison share their authentic approach to our art and craft and being truly authentic has benefited their life and their work.

Symposium Alumni on Broadway!. Many of the alumni over the last 9 years of Symposiums, have become Broadway Stage Managers themselves. We're bringing some of them back to share their journey from the seats attendees are in today, to calling and decking Broadway shows! Norman Anthony Small (Leopoldstadt, American Buffalo), Lauren Cavanaugh (American Utopia, The New One), Alice Pollitt (West Side Story, King Kong), Carolina Arboleda (A Strange Loop), and from the Hamilton Tour, Aldora Neal, and Hamilton Germany, Arcadio Lozano, as well as Ashani Smith from the Jagged Little Pill Tour.

Tech Talk: What is Good Communication: Join Vinnie Macri from Clear-Com and other tech partners as we explore the technology and techniques that help us communicate better. We will learn about available tools as well as their features and how they work! 

Big Plays & Bigger Stars!. The much sought after Broadway Production Stage Manager, Jill Cordle reflects on her career working on some of the most amazing plays with some of the brightest stars. Her insights into the challenges and joys of celebrity filled plays will take us on an incredible journey from last season's American Buffalo with Darren Criss, Laurence Fishburne, and Sam Rockwell, through The Inheritance, The Ferryman, Six Degrees of Separation, Betrayal (Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz), Death of a Salesman (Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Andrew Garfield), God of Carnage (Jeff Daniels, James Gandolfini, Marcia Gay Harden, Hope Davis), and more.

Health & Wellness for Stage Managers: Our health and wellness are vital to our lives and careers. In this session Lynnell Herzer (The Entertainment Community Fund), Claudia Hodgson (UK SM & Fitness Coach), &

Kenton Yeager (LD & Meditation Educator) will share specific techniques for the maintenance and care for your mind and body. This will be followed by...

Breakout sessions with these certified professionals, where we can practice and discuss the techniques of meditation and mindfulness and explore these together.

Saturday Evening Activities:

NYC attendees can purchase special group discounted tickets to a Broadway show and have a private Q&A with the stage managers of the show afterwards. Show to be announced.

Online attendees can join the stage managers from Shrek for an online watch party and chat. Join Peter Lawrence, author and Tony Honoree and assistant stage manager Rachel Wolff and chat along as you watch the show!

The Online Expo is open all night to explore and play the Expo contest to win prizes. Great for our international attendees from a variety of time zones.


Assistants, The Sequel: So much attention is spent on being the Production Stage Manager, that we can lose sight of the specific challenges of assisting. Last year, this session was a huge hit! After all, most musicals have only one PSM and two or more ASMs! So we're digging deeper into the role of the assistant with Brandon Allmon-Jackon (Back to the Future, A Doll's House, Music Man) and Tiffany N. Robinson (MJ The Musical, The Cher Show, Motown The Musical) to continue exploring the unique art and craft of Assistant Stage Managing.

Calling Session: We always have a session exploring the calling of a big show. Past shows have included: Phantom of the Opera, Jagged Little Pill, The Lion King, Moulin Rouge, King Kong, and others. This year Karen Moore and Matt Lutz share the cueing and tech behind the award winning Some Like It Hot! This is going to be one smokin' session!


Management Roundtable: Collaboration: We are not alone! The collaboration stage managers have with other managers is vital. We bring together some of the most amazing managers to discuss how we work together and support each other throughout the production process. Join Hillary Blanken, president of Juniper Street, providing production management for literally hundreds of Broadway shows, along with Kate Egan, general manager from Bespoke Theatricals, Kim Shaw, Broadway company manager, and Lisa Schwartz, Child Guardian discussing and answering questions about our collaboration.

Around the World and Back Again: Doc Zorthian has literally traveled the world mounting one of the most successful Broadway shows ever, The Lion King. Now he is back in New York City on the next chapter of his career. This is going to be an insightful interview about overcoming challenges, cross cultural communications, travel, and more as Doc shares his unique perspective on theater, our profession, and the world.

Discussion Groups: Based on feedback we've gotten over the years, we are dedicating a session to allow small breakouts and group discussion about the many topics discussed. This will allow attendees both online and in NYC to build connections between each other and the many ideas shared. The best way to learn and connect is to share!

The Power of Stage Managers: Narda and Lisa continue to influence how we see the profession of stage management. In the latest edition of their book, they expand on the power stage managers have. In each phase of production, we can practice equity, inclusion, and compassion. By utilizing powerful collaborative tools related to ideas around perfectionism, tension, agency, fear, intentions, values, language, and more, stage managers can exercise our authority to promote a more transparent and caring environment, which in turn can have a meaningful impact on the people and the process. I'm so excited to have these amazing leaders, thinkers, and writers close out the Symposium!

Sunday Evening Activities:

NYC attendees attend the Wrap Party / Networking event to get seriously social! Venue to be announced.

Online attendees can join the online party, sponsored by the Stage Managers Association and schmooze.

The online Expo is open until 11:59pm ET to continue to explore!

And all sessions are available on-demand to all attendees until July 1st. That's nearly six weeks to catch up on any or all of the great sessions above!

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