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This program includes one year of access to the full archive, including:
  • All Symposiums
  • SM Tech Monday
  • SM Tech Friday series
This is over 150 hours of stage management centric content!)The license runs from June to June, so educators can use the summer to prep and then utilize the archives in class during the entireschool year. The license also includes one registration to the live online Symposium (May 20-21, 2023) and additional registrations for the Symposium can be purchased for with a special discount of 50% off. So educators can invite their students to join at a severely reduced cost. 
The price for the license is $497 for the year of access.
A three year contract is 5% off and five year is 10% off.
 In summary:
  • Full Archive Access: 150+ hours for one year
  • Online Attendance for One
  • Additional Passes available at 50% Off
  • $497.00
Take a look at the exciting list of sessions and topics available and contact us to purchase your Educator's License today.
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