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SATURDAY, JUNE 2nd, 2018


SATURDAY, MAY 30, 2020


**All times Eastern Standard (NYC)

9:30am -   Check in: Networking, Expo

10:00am - Welcome - Matthew Stern

10:05am - Turning Through The Years: Where we Came From & Where We Are Going 

                                 Robert Bennett, Sarah Harris, Jereme Kyle Lewis, Bonnie Panson, Arturo Porazzi, Cody Renard Richard

11:05am - Networking Break & Expo

11:15am - Mental Health: For You & Your Company  

                                 Matthew DiCarlo, Lillian Gallina: The Actors Fund, Emily Hayes, Valerie Lau Kee Lai, Taryn Longo: Behind The Scenes

12:15pm - Networking Break & Expo

12:30pm - Technology for Stage Managers 

                                 CallQ, Cast98, The Empty Space, Stage Write, Upstage

1:30pm - Lunch Break & Expo

3:00pm - Communications Tools: The Comm You Need to Know

                                 Vinnie Macri & Frank Linton from Clear-Com  & James Lamb from Point Source Audio

3:50pm - Networking Break & Expo

4:00pm - We Wrote The Book 

                                  Narda E. Alcorn, Thomas Kelly, Peter Lawrence, Lisa Porter  

5:00pm - Networking Break & Expo

5:15pm - Intimacy Onstage

                                  Brian Bogin, Jhanaë Bonnick, Laurie Goldfeder, Sullivan Jones, Cristina Ramos, Claire Warden

6:15pm - End of Day Expo Available

8:00pm - Broadway Show on BroadwayHD: Falsettos 

                                   Q&A to follow w/ stage managers: Scott Rollison, Zac Chandler, & Samantha Fremer



9:30am -    Networking & Expo

10:00am - Beyond Broadway: Going Corporate

                                  Hilary Austin, Heather Cousens, Carolyn Kelson, Mahlon Kruse, Robert Kalfin, Matthew Silver, Alex Volckhausen

11:00am - Networking Break & Expo

11:15am - The Stage Manager As Artist

                                        Narda E. Alcorn, Diane Divita, Frank Lombardi, Chuck Means, Jenn Rae Moore, Michael Passaro

12:15pm  - Networking Break & Expo

12:30pm - Managing Kids On Broadway 

                                         Shanna Allison, Ava Briglia, Bonnie Becker, David Lober, Kelly Martindale, Lisa Schwartz

1:30pm - Lunch Break & Expo

3:00pm - Calling Session: The Cher ShowMoulin Rouge 

                                          Michael Passaro

3:50pm - Networking Break & Expo

4:00pm - Your Bosses: The General Manager -  

                                           Ken Davenport, Carl Flanigan, Charlotte Wilcox

5:00pm - Networking Break & Expo

5:15pm - Closing - Matthew Stern 

5:30pm - End of Sessions

6:00pm - Wrap Party! TBA

SUNDAY, MAY 31, 2020


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