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Enjoy these great sessions exploring technology and change
for stage managers and our entire industry.

This Free Day of Programing was part of the 2022 Broadway Stage Management Symposium. 
If you would like to access these sessions, plesae Contact Us and let us know.

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Stage Write Workshop & Demos

Showbuilder Workshop & Demos

Broadway Advocacy Coalition, A Taste of Change Agent Training

Stage Spot Workshop:
Preparing for Anything To Go Wrong

Cue-to-Cue & CallQ Workshop & Demos

Virtual Callboard Workshop & Demo

Program Details

SM TECH MONDAY will feature a taste of Broadway Advocacy Coalition's Change Agent Training Workshop, where professional facilitators will engage participants in interactive exercises to explore how we can incorporate more inclusive practices into our production work. This workshop will be an incredible asset for students and professionals, offering insights and tools necessary to make our industry at large genuinely equitable.


The tech workshops featured on Monday, May 23rd also include: Showbuilder. Created by Broadway sound engineer Shannon Slaton, Showbuilder is an all-in-one solution for managing show paperwork , including: stage management paperwork, departmental communications, and numerous production info for all departments. Imagine a world where all your information is easily accessible and shareable, and you start to see what Showbuilder can do for you. Shannon will take us through the simple set-up, the interface, and how to use this powerful digital tool.


Virtual Callboard, created by Empty Space, has been around for a while, making scheduling and communication easier for stage and production manager alike. It’s been integrated into many shows and companies with great success. Creators Jason and Sam will demonstrate how easy and effective Virtual Callboard can be for you and those you work with. For organizations or individual productions, learning how to use Virtual Callboard will greatly increase your efficiency and effectiveness at communications and is a great tool to add to your tool box.


In addition, two European companies will be sharing their amazing work for stage managers & theatre practitioners. Anders, Helle, and this team at Cue-to-Cue in Denmark have created a sustainable solution for show book creation and production team communications. Cue-to-Cue is a digital program that swiftly and easily generates and manages your show book. In this workshop, you’ll learn exactly how Cue-to-Cue works, how intuitive it is to use and the many great benefits of going truly digital for you, your show, and our world.


CallQ is a show caller training program that forever changes how we approach learning to call a show. With their two products, CallQ and CallQ Studio, there are options for both educational and professional applications. Creators Gail and Ian from Scotland will walk us through both programs, demonstrating how easy it is to set up and use and how it can both increase the speed and accuracy of learning to call a show.


Stage Write has transformed the process of noting blocking and choreography. The creator of this ground breaking program, Jeff Whiting, will take demonstrate how easy Stage Write is to use and the many features of this popular program.

Based in Austin, Texas, Stage Spot joins the Symposium this year. As a one stop shop for all theatrical supply needs, Stage Spot provides stage managers with important tools from spike and gaff tape, to glow in the dark numbers, and specialty tool pouches, and much more. Scott Kinnebrew from Stage Spot, self-proclaimed entertainment technology nerd with a passion for all things creative, will lead a special workshop titled, “Preparing For Everything To Go Wrong, For the Stage Manager In All Of Us.”

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