What Quarterback Alex Smith Taught Me About The Theatre

Life in the legit theatre these days is pretty tough. Well, more than tough really, because there is almost no live theatre being made. The devastation that the COVID19 pandemic has wrought on our industry is heartbreaking. It’s been hard to imagine how we will survive, yet as I watched Monday Night Football, I was given a great sense of hope as quarterback Alex Smith led his team to victory.

If you aren’t into football or sports, hang with me for a moment and I promise we will get back to the theatre part very soon.

Alex Smith was the number one overall draft pick in 2005 and although struggling for a few years, took the SF 49ers to the playoffs in 2011. He was traded to the KC Chiefs where he did well, but was traded to Washington to be their starting quarterback in 2018. That’s where he suffered a devastating leg injury which threatened his life and required over a dozen surgeries to avoid his leg being amputated. Most thought he’d never play football again… except Alex Smith. He never considered retirement and began the lengthy process of rehab, finally returning to the Washington Football Team in 2020 as a backup.