Top 3 Covid Mitagation Techniques for Rehearsals

Guest blog by Lauren Class Scheider, Arts & Science

More theatres are opening up and prep for in person rehearsals is taking place! While still in the midst of a pandemic, here are 3 strong risk mitigation techniques to help prevent transmission of COVID, and other communicable diseases. Perhaps you’ve heard of the Swiss Cheese Model of Risk Mitigation. It’s applicable to rehearsal. Just like swiss cheese, each of the techniques have holes. It’s important to combine multiple layers that work together to improve risk-mitigation. As long as the holes don’t line up, each piece of protocol is stopping a percentage of opportunity for infection. These are the 3 outstanding protocols:

HVAC HVAC is talked about a lot. It stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. Air circulation, not re-circulation is a key component to risk mitigation for COVID, an airborne virus. Work with your facilities manager or landlord to know more about the room you are rehearsing in with regard to their air filtra