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The Check In Line
9:15am, Day One
The crowd is seated and ready to begin.
Getting swag at the
check in table
Opening Panel:
Lisa Dawn Cave, Matthew Stern,
Michael Wilhoite & Bonnie Panson
Let the sessions begin!
Engaged audience during the opening session
Arturo Porazzi sharing 30 years of experience.
SMA reps building community
Josh Halperin talk:
Digital Calling Desk
Socializing and Networking
at the wrap party
Teamwork/Assisting Panel:
Narda, Mike & Frank
PPT presentations ready
Program book
And what's a party
without food!
Geoff Vaughn,
automation carpenter
Propared & Stage Write demos and info
With pages to take copious notes
Building relationships, 
a key to success
A great party to complete a very instructive and insightful weekend.

All photos by Cherie B. Tay

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